Value proposition

We provide your crop a high quality of life

Our story

Since 2008 we strive to offer high quality raw materials to field crops all over Mexico. We research and develop projects and products to improve the traditional management of the fields. Year by year we further increase the logistics net of transport and distribution, promoting sustainable agriculture and social responsibility.


Our products have no aggregate ingredients. They are efficient and aid productivity. You have our support to safely use our products in your crops.

Our products have a very competitive and reasonable price considering its quality and the market they are in. We aim to nurture your crop and find a mutual benefit for buyer and supplier.

We are willing to find a way to always meet the needs of your crops.

Taking into account foliage and soil analysis we advise you how to better nurture your crops and improve the quality of life they deserve.

Our products, workforce and the entire company all prove professionalism. You will be confident to have us as an ally for your business.

Our suppliers

The most effective alliances to offer you quality products.

Let us advise you

Learn about our product lineup. Fertilizers, Agrochemical products and biological products.

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